Leeanne Ducut, RPN  |  Cosmetic Nurse Injector


Leeanne Ducut, RPN is born and raised in Hamilton. She joined the Monaco team in December 2018. Leeanne graduated from Fanshawe College in 2015 receiving a diploma in the Practical Nursing program. She had set a goal for herself since a young age of becoming a Registered Nurse and is constantly striving to achieve this dream. Evidently, Leeanne is currently, enrolled in the RPN to BScN bridge program with Conestoga College and McMaster University. 

At a young age, Leeanne had always had a passion for fashion, photography, art, travel, and beauty. Leeanne was an avid art student and also participated in the Miss Philippines Hamilton Pageant. In between the practical nursing program and the BScN program, Leeanne embarked in travel ventures to places such as California, Vancouver and the Philippines. What sparked Leeanne’s interest in aesthetic nursing was her personal struggles and struggles of family members with their own skin. She combined her passion for nursing and compassion with her love and interest in the beauty industry.

With the business of school throughout the years, she has enjoyed working in the service industry at various restaurants as a server in Hamilton and London. She enjoys the fun and light hearted environment that the service industry provides. In addition to working as a server, she has also worked at St. Elizabeth’s Retirement Residence having experience in medication administration, head to toe assessments, working within an interdisciplinary team including doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech pathologists. She has experience working in acute care including stroke/rehabilitation patients, orthopedics, and mental health working with those who suffer from personality disorders, mood disorders and schizophrenia. She has also volunteered in the Dominican Republic with an organization that travels to rural villages to build homes for the less fortunate. She had the opportunity organize a fundraiser to raise money for supplies and to travel with a group of friends to aid in the building of a home. She hopes to have future opportunities to be able to embark in an experience like this again. 

Leeanne believes that beauty is not only skin deep but also within. The skills she has in caring for others has given her the holistic perspective on the human body mentally, spiritually, and physically. She hopes that her clients radiate the confidence and positivity that she too embodies.