Hair Restoration

What is Hair Restoration and how is it treated?
At Monaco, you will receive a comprehensive assessment and be treated with multiple modalities including Platelet Rich Plasma, Low Level Laser Technology and Microneedling. We also offer a product called Revivogen which can be used in combination with other treatments for maximum results.


How do these procedures work? 

Platelet Rich Plasma
Platelets are the clotting cells of our blood, but they are also enriched with growth and healing factors that will initiate repair and provide assistance to stem cells in damaged hair follicles.

PRP contains various growth factors and cytokines that enhance the body’s inherent capacity to repair and regenerate. PRP therapy essentially takes the body’s natural processes and turbocharges them. A sample of blood is taken from the patient and then placed in a centrifuge where the platelets are separated from other elements of the blood. As used in the treatment of injuries and trauma, that platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the injured tissue, like the hair follicle, stimulating the work that the body is already doing.

PRP’s high concentrations of over 20 growth factors include numerous factors that stimulate the hair to regrow. PRP appears to nurture hair follicles with critical growth factors that take them from a dormant state (in which hair is no longer growing) to an active state (in which a normal hair growth cycle occurs).

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Low Level Laser Technology
Since NASA conducted the study to the many medical benefits of red light therapy, many people have been amazed by the power of red light. Not only is it used to heal wounds, alleviate joint pain, and reverse sun damage, it is also proven to help restore hair growth. As long as the light emits wavelengths between 630-670 nm, it will definitely aid in correcting and treating hair loss.

Red light is absorbed by the hair follicles and can stimulate the growth of hair. The light must be absorbed by the hair follicles for the natural biological reaction to occur. An intracellular enzyme called Cytochrome C is responsible for absorbing the red light. This enzyme is also responsible for stimulating the hair follicles to send signals to promote gene activity and lower the cell death as regulated by the genes.

Red light therapy can stimulate hair growth but it cannot grow hair in places where it has never existed. It can improve the quality of the hair that grows by increasing the blood supply to the area, making sure that the growing hair is getting the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

Red light therapy has many other benefits including increasing the production of collagen as an anti-aging defense.

Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, involves a small, hand-held device with tiny micro-needles. It passes over the skin, creating tiny channels, or micro-wounds, on the skin. The micro-wounds trigger the production of new collagen and elastin, including new capillaries to improve blood supply. The creation of these micro-wounds can also allow topical products to penetrate the skin deeper than they normally would. The skin’s ability to utilize the nutrients in the products increases up to 3000%.

Not only does this allow increased blood flow to the hair follicles to stimulate growth of the hair, but it also allows the PRP to penetrate deeper into the skin and hair follicles, providing our patients with the most effective non-surgical hair restoration treatment. 

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Revivogen is comprised of safe and effective natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to address the root cause of thinning hair by stimulating the hair follicle back into the growth phase and targeting the root cause of thinning and shedding hair: DHT. These natural ingredients include Gamma Linolenic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Alpha Linolenic Acid, Olei Acid, Beta Sitsterol, Saw Palmetto Extract, Caffeine, and Procyanidin Oligomers. These ingredients were selected because multiple independent medical studies have proven their effectiveness without systemic side effects.

Results of Revivogen are seen as early as 90 days with maximum results at 12-18 months. This product is dermatologist recommended, and reverses hair to its condition 3-5 years prior with a very high success rate. This treatment is safe to use on men and women. 

Revivogen is an effective and easy to use hair growth treatment made from nature’s most powerful ingredients to combat thinning hair. Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy slows or stops hair shedding and prompts rejuvenation for thicker, fuller and healthier hair. The natural ingredients formulated with Revivogen Scalp therapy has been proven to reduce DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) production, block the androgen receptors, limiting DHT uptake, and initiate the hair follicles restorative cycle. 

Who is a good candidate? 
A good candidate would be a male or female with an active hair follicle that is thinning. Those ideal for this treatment would be in the early stages of hair loss, and not completely bald. A good candidate would be someone who has areas of “weak quality” hair growth on the scalp, where functioning hair follicles can still be observed. The ideal candidate is someone who has small areas of alopecia areata, are in good health and not suffering from blood, liver or skin disorder, or diabetes.  This treatment is great for those looking for thicker and fuller hair to return, and/or grow at a faster rate!

When will I see results and when can I return to everyday activities?
Most individuals begin to see the results after their second session at the 8-12 week mark. However, hair growth is a gradual process so most patients will see full results at the 12 month mark.  It is recommended to do one treatment every 4-8 weeks as recommended by your cosmetic nurse. A total of 3-8 sessions will be recommended depending on the degree and regions of hair loss. 

A major benefit of this treatment is that there is minimal downtime. After the treatment, the individual treated will have mild swelling and redness to scalp that is usually not noticeable to others. Redness and swelling can typically last 2-4 days, although most individuals do not feel that they have to take any time off of work.