Laser Hair Removal with the Lightsheer Laser

What is Laser Hair Removal with the LightSheer Laser?
Using state of the art technology, the Lumenis Lightsheer ET diode laser is considered the gold standard in the industry when it comes to laser hair removal. This laser safely and effectively treats unwanted hair on all skin types (I-VI) including tanned skin.

The LightSheer system was designed from the ground up for effective hair removal, providing unsurpassed safety, efficacy, and reliability. Including chill tip technology which aids in providing a comfortable experience for patients by cooling the epidermis and skin during the procedure.


How does the Procedure work?
The procedure involves a small handpiece to be applied directly to the skin. The Chill tip handpiece cools the skin before the laser cinges the hair follicle. The laser “beeps” treating the affected area in contact with the laser handpiece. This treatment continues on until the entire area has been treated.

Who is a good candidate?
The ideal candidate is someone who has dark hairs and skin lighter than their hairs and who has minimal exposure to the sun. This treatment is ideal for someone who wants less maintenance and to reduce the frequency of waxing or shaving to the treated area.

When will I see results and when can I return to everyday activities?
The number of treatments that an individual requires for laser hair removal depends on ethnicity, skin colour, coarseness of hair, and the area being treated. However, results can appear after the first or second session. Ideal results can be seen after 6-10 treatments.

Ingrown Hair Removal with the LightSheer Laser
Pseudofolliculitis barbae, or PFB otherwise known as razor bumps or ingrown hairs, are a common condition in which after shaving, the regrowing hair curves back towards and pierces the skin resulting in a pustule or a papule. PFB is very prevalent in populations with curly hair, affecting nearly 85% of men of African descent and a growing number of women. The LightSheer’s excellent safety profile for all skin types including the darkest skin makes it a safe, effective and revolutionary alternative for the treatment of PFB.