Broken Capillaries & Telangiectasia (Spider Vein) Treatment

What treatments are available?
The ThermoClear Skin Treatment system uses radio frequency to effectively treat a number of minor epidermal skin imperfections including:

  • Milia (small hard white heads)

  • Acne and stubborn blackheads

  • Sebaceous hyperplasia 

  • Spider Veins or Telangiectasia

  • Sun spots and age spots

  • Actinic keratosis

  • Cherry angiomas

  • Cholesterol deposits

  • Skin tags

This treatment is available exclusively at our Ancaster and Burlington locations.


How does the Procedure work?
This treatment uses a fine sterile needle containing a combination of low and high radiofrequency to stimulate and attract water contained in the skin of the affected area. Once essentially dehydrated, the affected area naturally stimulates exfoliation of the skin following the treatment.

Who is a good candidate?
A consultation is required to determine whether this treatment is right for you.

When will I see results and when can I return to everyday activities?
This treatment is favoured because the results are instant and long lasting. Benefits of this treatment include minimal discomfort and scabbing, a quick appointment time and no down time. Exercise and heat must be avoided while the skin is healing, but otherwise you can return to everyday activities right away!