Personalized Medical Weight Loss Program

What is the Monaco Personalized Medical Weight Loss Program?
At Monaco we want to help you feel good about your self and improve your health and well-being in the process. If you’ve tried other weight loss programs without long term success, we invite you to explore Monaco’s new Personalized Medical Weight Loss Program. Our program is designed to help reshape your body’s fat deposits, particularly targeting the abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, neck and face using prescription hormone-based weight loss injections. The goal is to reset your metabolism to a normal level. However, unlike other diet protocols, it also resets your hunger and appetite mechanism to address emotional eating issues and food cravings.

What makes our program different from other weight loss programs is that it is truly a medically supervised program lead by our team of certified registered nurses and medical director, Dr. Vanessa Ocampo. To ensure your sucess and safety, we customize each plan to your body—this is not a one size fits all plan. We won’t try to sell you packaged diet food, vitamins or weight loss pills; you’ll be eating real food that you can purchase at the grocery store.


How does it work and when will I see results?
Our medical weight loss program combines a low calorie diet of fruit, vegetables and lean proteins with hormone-based weigh loss injections aimed at reducing fat, not muscle. It is important that you follow your personalized plan very closely as even the tiniest bit of extra starch or sugar can result in immediate weight gain. But don’t worry, our team is here to support you as you adjust—we won’t leave you to navigate your new lifestyle alone.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for this treatment?
Men or women who want to lose weight, and who are willing to stick to their strict weight loss protocol are good candidates for our medical weight loss program. The foods you eat will be limited, as will the amount of exercise you should perform daily, but our team will provide you with the support you need to be successful.

The Monaco Weight Loss program is individualized for you and promotes long-term healthy eating, but it isn't for everyone. The professionals at Monaco Medical Aesthetics can guide you through the different diet plans, to ensure you make an informed choice for your body. Contact us for a personalized and private in-depth consultation with our Monaco Cosmetic Nurses.

Prescription Hormone-based Weight Loss Injections on the Dr. Oz Show

Dr. Oz investigates prescription hormone-based weight loss injections on his Show, the Dr. Oz Show. Watch a clip from the show here!

Please note: Due to the advertising regulations of Health Canada, imposed on all doctors in the country, we are prohibited from displaying photos and testimonials of our patients. However, if you would like to see examples from our patient’s success, you may visit our clinic for more information. No prescription medications are stored on premise. Your prescription Rx will be shipped to you directly upon physician consultation to ensure you are a good candidate.

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