Dermamelan® Depigmentation Treatment

What is the Dermamelan® Depigmentation Treatment? 
The Dermamelan® system is a combination of professional in-clinic treatments combined with home maintenance designed to effectively reduce and eliminate acquired skin blemishes and discolourations.


How does the procedure work?
There are two versions of this treatment. The first is a Cosmelan treatment which starts with two in-clinic procedures—an oil removing solution that cleans and exfoliates the skin and a Dermamelan mask containing the active ingredient tyrosinase. Tyrosinase temporarily inhibits the the production of melanin. Melanin is what gives our skin colour therefore by stopping the production of new melanin, skin discolourations and blemishes can be treated. You will be given a series topical maintenance creams by Mesoestetic to take home in order to continue the treatment. This Cosmelan Pack enhances results over time.  

The second version of this treatment is the Dermamelan Kit—the procedure is similar but the active ingredients are stronger and must be administered by a health care professional. This treatment is offered in clinic by our registered Monaco nurses. 

Who is a good candidate?
Dermamelan® is a versatile procedure adaptable to any skin tone and type!

When will I see results and when can I return to everyday activities?
Results vary over time based on the severity of discolouration being treated. The Dermamelan mask is applied in clinic, and worn home. The Dermamelan mask stays on typically for 8-10 hours on the day of treatment before being washed off at home. This treatment is designed for continued use at home, therefore only one day of downtime is required.