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I don't write reviews often so this is a big deal! I love the vibe here, everyone who works here are so super sweet! I've been frequenting to get my lashes done. I'm trained to do lash extensions myself so I am very particular when it comes to choosing a lash tech doing my lashes. Their lead lash tech Amanda continues to impress and I am not an easy pleaser! Her work is skillful, precise and clean. That girl is officially a lash tech's lash tech haha! Looking forward to trying other services they offer, I know I'll be in good hands. May have to make this my dedicated spa for all my beauty needs!

— May Tong

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I own a Spa from my home and was looking to offer new services. As I was researching I came across Monaco Spa’s web-site. I took great interest in taking the eyelash extension course the micro needling course and the micro blading course. As I was taking the courses I got to know Jen and Owen and now consider them as friends. I also had a few treatments from Jen. Laser hair removal a chemical peel and Kybella injections for my double chin. Love the results so far! I had a hyperpigmentation mark for the longest time in my cheek and last year I had IPL done,the IPL lightened the spot. However Jen was able to totally remove the spot with a chemical peel, I am very happy! As for the kybella, it has only been two weeks and Jen explained to me that I will not see results for fours weeks. So I’m looking forward to my next treatment with the kybella! Thank you Jen!

— Julie Shisler

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